Last day at Iterate

September 30, 2016

Today I had my last day as a consultant at Iterate As. After almost exactly two years I’m ready to start what should be the job I’ve been wanting for the last almost three years: A full time job programming Clojure.

On October 5th I’ll be starting at Telenor Digital on their analytics/data-insights team.

I’m very curious to see how programming Clojure in the large will play out. Having worked on small one-man-team (myself) Clojure projects which have been done quickly and then left running, I’m curios to see how it is to dive into a large Clojure codebase which has existed for years and worked upon by many people, and if the value propositions which I found when working on Clojure in the small are still present when working with Clojure in the large.

Because of this, I’ll make a commitment to blog about my experiences, good or bad, quite frequently from the 5th of October until I get bored of it.

Stay tuned!