Here's what I'd pay for

February 5, 2016

My twitter feed is full. Over a couple of years, I’ve curated a bunch of people to follow. Some tweet often, some not. Some retweet links to relevant articles, some write the articles. Some are just funny, others are very serious.

And I have this fear of missing the one really important/cool/funny tweet, so I spend a lot of time skimming through all these tweets.

So what I’d be willing to subscribe to and pay for is a service which every morning, in my timezone, presented me with a list of the top interesting articles from my feed. This would be a happy mix of articles from my local newspapers, the most recent blogposts from the people I enjoy reading, perhaps a couple of posts from people I didn’t know I’d enjoy reading.

But I’d also need the one or two tweets everyday which I find funny or intriguing.

I guess I need a personal tweeter.