First day as a full-time Clojure programmer

October 5, 2016

So, today I had my first day at Telenor Digital. Not much exciting stuff to report, but a couple of things worth noting:

1) It felt really good to be browsing the sourcecode in emacs, and discover that they’re using Hugsql, Om, Figwheel and a dash of core.async along with Kafka. I guess I’ll be re-watching One Million Clicks per Minute with Kafka and Clojure a couple of times

2) The tooling. The app I’ll be working on is a web app. Running it straight from lein repl, the log-statements are printed to stdout and all is well. But when I run it from inside Cider the log-statements disappear. I wonder why. I guess this would be off-putting for people a bit sceptic to Clojure, but I guess I’ll just have to ask in the #cider channel on Clojurians tomorrow.

Update: Turns out, after some googling that running the repl in a terminal and connecting via M-x cider-connect was the way to go. Only downside is that Ciders new ‘I’ll insert correct middleware for you’ feature doesn’t work when connecting to a network repl, as explained here. You also want to add clj-refactor-middleware as explained here